Between Spaces

Staged and directed by Carrie Morris


Between Spaces began as a collaborative forum and evolved into a multi-site performance staged in the venue Lemah Putih in Mojosongo, Indonesia, a space based around spiritual beliefs and theories of physical interaction in a crafted landscape. Utilizing texts from William Gibson, Shakespeare, Miranda July and original works from the artists involved, the work from each performer was incorporated into the overarching narrative of one man’s soul finding it’s way out of his body. Viewing works from a group of international artists that ranged from traditional dance, experimental puppetry, poetry and music to fire dancing and hybrids of the above, the audience physically followed the journey of the narrative as we exhibited and commented on states of being that are Between Spaces.

Artistic contributors: Miriam Burke, Sally Dean, Patrick Elkins, Furqon, Jon Lim, Ignacio Mattarollo, Maria DeVeaux, Carrie Morris, Carla Pedroza, Rahmad, Rianto and Szibilla Urban