Hold Still: Temporal Understandings of Impermanent Spaces


Foucault stated that heterotopias are "real places…which are something like counter-sites, a kind of effectively enacted utopia, in which the real sites…are simultaneously contested and inverted…I believe that between utopias and heterotopias there might be a sort of mixed, joint experience, which would be the mirror…In the mirror I see myself there where I am not, in an unreal, virtual space...a sort of shadow that gives my own visibility to myself…From the standpoint of the mirror I discover my absence from the place where I am since I see myself over there…” (from the essay "Of Other Spaces”)

temporal understandings... is a multi-site performance spectacle which examines the act of collective memory from the viewpoint of an abandoned vaudeville theater in an attempt to create a Foucaultian mirror. As a walking tour is led through the building, the further they get into the space the more their guide loses her grasp of reality, confusing her memories with the history of the building and stories from former film stars. As the theater takes on a life of its own and begins to recount it’s memories, the gaze is switched and the inhabitants of the building become the ones viewed.

Script, films and audio tracks by Carrie Morris
Stagemanager: Jim Leija; Live Video Recording and Playback: Adrienne Vetter; Documentation: Kris Kurzawa & Jacob Richmond