Sustain the arts that support you.

CMAP IS BUILT ON DIY INTIATIVE, last year we produced over 20 programs, served over 8,18 audience members and hired over 68 local artists and neighbors to help us produce our events. You can help us sustain future programming and directly impact performative experiences in Detroit by donating today. As a 501c3 non-profit, any amount you donate is tax deductible, and though all gifts, big or small, are terrific, if you are wondering where to start consider sponsoring one of the following items below that are on our wish list.


$700 - Sponsor a Puppeteer - cover a portion of the cost for one puppeteer to help develop a new performance

$350 - Shiny New Lawnmower - seven side lots need constant summer care for our outdoor performances 

$150 - Hire Neighborhood Kids - small tasks here and there to help keep things tidy and organized

$50 - Big Tank of Gasoline - transportation and transit to bring programming to the greater community

$30 - Performance Cliplights - shadow puppet shows are always in need of specialty lighting

$15 - Two Cases of Water - for volunteers and actors, essential to keeping our team fresh and hydrated

$?? - Wherever Needed Most  - donate any amount, big or small, and we'll allocate it where it is most needed


CMAP is dedicated to providing a forum for contemporary puppetry, multimedia performance and artistic exploration in Detroit.

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