The Weight of Air

The Weight of Air is a contemporary puppet performance illuminating the physical effects that invisible processes like redlining, disinvestment and sub-prime mortgage lending have on personal, psychological and topographic landscapes of the city of Detroit. Using historic research, travelogues, maps and community-recorded interviews of city residents, firefighters and public school teachers, our goal is to inspire discussions in a city whose infrastructure is currently being “redeveloped” about where resources should be put, whose lives are worth investing in, and how those investments take place.

Beginning our research and production process in the fall of 2019 with collaborations, trainings, audio interviews and puppet brainstorm sessions, we are looking forward to a work in progress production of Part 1 in spring 2020, part 2 in fall of 2020 and part 3 in spring of 2021.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.